"Long before Occupy Wall Street, Italian rappers Zero Plastica gave voice to the plight of the 99% — the messed up economy, political chicanery, organized crime, lack of opportunity and overwhelming odds stacked against regular people. The Genoan rappers have been penning Public Enemy-style lyrics for a decade". - MTV


Formed originally in Genova (Italy) in 2001, Zero Plastica has a long history of rapping about political and social issues. Their music has addressed the relationship between the mafia and the government, corruption and the Vatican, the thousands of African immigrants dying in the Mediterranean sea while trying to reach Italian coasts, and everyday struggles from workers rights to unemployment.  All in all, the group has the courage to talk about all the subjects commonly ignored by Italian national media.

Over the years, Zero Plastica has contributed to dozens of international projects, from mixtapes, compilations to other artists' records. They are the first Italian rap group to ever perform in the Bronx (2012), where Hip-Hop Culture was born. They are also the first Italian groupto ever perform at the Hip-Hop Symposio, the biggest arts festival in Cuba (2013). They're also the only Italian rap group signed to an American indie label, the Nomadic Wax based in Brooklyn (New York).

Through their courage and conviction, Zero Plastica has been noticed by MTV, who interviewed members of the group in July of 2011 for a documentary aired on Italian television. They have also received attention from other news sources like the BBC, Rolling Stone, as well as Berklee University, who invited the group to guest speak about rap and freedom of speech in Italy.

Zero Plastica is composed of Dj, Mc and Producer Nio and Mc Lure. They have opened for world-renowned artists such as Shaggy, George Clinton & Funkadelic, Alborosie, Mario Biondi and Dj Kool Herc mong others. They've also founded the first Hip-Hop Lab for teenagers in Genova back in 2007.