Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese - "Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani" [ENGLISH TRANSLATION and MEANINGS]

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[Nio]- My Italian brothers \ Italy is waking up \ fly your flags from your windows \ from Milan to Caserta (1), keep your heads up \ it's a new spring, with the scent of the Resistance (2) \ the wind blows with a red agenda (3) \ no more bowing down to the mafia and camorra (4) \ a shield protects us \ the blood of our grandparents paid for this land and for our freedom \ every harbor is another Quarto (5), start from there in the search for a new direction for our country \ Saviano's (6) Italy struggles in the Name of Truth \ Aviano, Susa Valley, Aquila, Lampedusa, Acerra (7) \ Italy Fellini and Monicelli's (8) land and Emergency's (9) too \ Italy is a land of missing brothers, spread throughout the world \ the many electrons to every atom \ to complete the DNA of our people!

[Lure]- Italy is more united than you might think \ unified resistance from Naples to Bolzano (10), biting the bullet \ when times are bad, we head to the mountains and fight for Freedom \ Italians, divided by the bad words of clowns on television \ whether politicians, the vatican, or even the homophobes of the northern league (11) will be able to keep our faces in the mud \ citizens of an Italy that is alive and is waiting for the sun to break the darkness of night \ dreaming about a job that will lead to a better days \ Italians who, when times are tough, roll up their sleeves and believe in good values \ Italians who travel \ proudly bringing our nation's flag around the world \ not even fear tactics of the mafia, or hate or censorship will be able to keep our faces in the trash!

(1) - Milan and Caserta: two very famous Italian cities, the 1st up in the North, the 2nd one in the South, near Naples.
(2) - Resistance: The Italian resistance is the umbrella term for the various partisan forces formed by pro-Allied Italians during World War II. The 1947 democratic Constitution of the Italian Republic declared itself to be "built on the Resistance".
(3) - red agenda: red was the color of Paolo Borsellino's agenda that was stolen after he's been killed by the mafia in 1992. He was one of the most important magistrates killed by the Sicilian mafia during the 1980s and 1990s, and he is remembered as one of the main symbols of the battle of the State against the mafia. That agenda contained many names of politicians linked to mafia.
(4) - camorra: is a mafia-type criminal organization, or secret society, originating in the region of Campania and its capital Naples in Italy. The camorra phenomena have been world wide famous after Roberto Saviano's "Gomorra" has been published in 2006.
(5) - Quarto (dei Mille): it's a very small beach near Genova (Genoa) where Giuseppe Garibaldi set out from with over a thousand volunteers to begin the campaign to unify Italy in 1860.
(6) - Roberto Saviano: is an Italian writer and journalist that has been working actively against Naples' local mafia and have been living with permanent police escort since then.
(7) - Aviano: is a NATO Air Base under U.S. Air Force administration in northeastern Italy, one of the largest bases in Europe, containing also more than 80 nuclear bombs according to U.S. governament. Italian civilians living near the base founded the No dal Molin movement to struggle against the enlargement of the military area.
Susa Valley: where NO TAV movement was born to struggle against the construction of the new railraod between Italy and France.
L'Aquila: a city in central Italy that has been almost totally distroyed by a terrible earthquake in 2009.
Lampedusa: is a southern island near Sicily that has become a primary European entry point for immigrants from Africa.
Acerra: a small city near Naples that with Nola, and Marigliano had been identified as the three points of the so-called "Triangle of Death" in which illegal waste management by criminal organizations ("ecomafia") have resulted in environmental conditions endangering the health of the region's people.
(8) - Federico Fellini: was a very famous Italian film director and scriptwriter, he is considered one of the most influential and widely revered filmmakers of the 20th century.
Monicelli: was an Italian director and screenwriter and one of the masters of the Commedia all'Italiana (Comedy Italian style), three times nominated for Oscar.
(9) - Emergency: is a humanitarian NGO that provides emergency medical treatment to civilian victims of war, especially in relation to landmines. It was founded by war surgeon Gino Strada in 1994 in Milan (Italy).
(10) - Naples: is a city in Southern Italy where camorra was born.
Bolzano: is a city in Northern Italy near Austria.
(11) - northern league (Lega Nord): xenophobic right-wing populist party.

special thanks to Magee McIlvaine and to and
Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese
"Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani"
translation: "The new Italian (RAP) Anthem"

from an idea of: Enrico Testino & Carlo Besana
produced by: Consorzio Pianacci
title: Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani
authors: Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese
siae authors: Federico Rosa, Lorenzo Pezzati, Matteo Bazzano
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings, Creative Commons
year: 2011
lyrics by: Nio, Lure
music by: Matteo Bazzano
played by: La Filarmonica Sestrese (The Philarmonic Orchestra of Sestri)
recorded and mixed by: Nicola Sannino
length: 3',16"
country: Italy
film-maker & editor: Simona Marziani