Angolan Regime beats Hip-Hop Activist Dj Cavera and his crew

i'm posting here the email of my friend Dj Cavera, Mc and Producer of the Angolan Hip-Hop crew Tribo Sul, who's been seriously beaten by the REGIME yesterday. please SHARE THIS LINK and let the world know what's going on in Angola!

"Hey guys i am seating writing this email, but yesterday i nearly died, from the brutality of the Angolan regime, me and some friends we where seating at a friends place who is also part of the all social movement that as been organizing protests down here, since we had planned and protest for today which should b taking place in two provinces then we decided to seat down and put some strategies, we where about 5 guys we where surprised by about 12 guys with metal palls and and they where just beating us up, like no body is business, they where dressed up in black wearing dark glasses and caps, the beating lasted about 5 minutes until i told my self i heard enough and with the power that came from i don't know where managed to run trough them and the metal palls, managed to escape with one other guy, as we got out side the house there where about 4 in the head and 4 out side the main gate to prevent people from getting in or out of the house but me and other dude managed to escape, and they also run out of to cars with out plate numbers.

As a result of that agression i got broken head, swollen harms and leg, my shoulder is painful, the other guys called Santero got 2 cuts in the head 1 took 12 stiches, and the other one took about 8 stichs, the guy Called Nelito who is and old man on his 50´s got a cut in the head, and Carbono who is the owner of the place and Sampaio the other dudes that where in the house got minor injuries. Prior to that one other guys who is also part of the organization been kidnapped and Brutally beaten up that on Wednesday is name is Mario Domingos.

Today we decided to care out the protest and as people gathered at the concentration spot the beating started i couldnt go cause of my painfull shoulder, and head from yesterdays beat down, and i got the report that there as been alot of beating some of the injured are Luaty Beirao, Tukayano, Mario, Adolfo, Luamba and many others including 2 politicians from oposition part called BD (Democratic Block), being them Filomeno Vieira Lopes, and Nelson Pestana `` Bonavena ´´, where also beaten up the first one got cuts in the head and a broken fingers and harm, they where also beaten up by these group of marginals that are working with the police and government to beat up protesters.

Attached are some pictures and i named the pictures with the insident there is a colage of photos of some of the guys that being beating protestors."