Zero Plastica - "La pedata di Dio" - LYRICS

title: La pedata di Dio ("God's kick") 
authors: Zero Plastica
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings 
year: 2012
lyrics by: Nio, Lure, G.O.Man 
beat by: Italo
 arrangement by: Nio & Marsialis
 mixed and mastered by: RobiGabri
studio: Basement UnderGround
length: 4',05"
country: Italy-Tunisia
ENGLISH translation [thanks to Imen Ben Achour and Magee McIlvaine
and meanings (below):

[Don Ciotti (1) ]- We're here to pray to the Almighty because we need some help, a nice kick, God's kick, to shake us and push us forward...

[Nio]- It's like an octopus (2), strangling Italy, from the South to North (3) \ From the streets \ to the  courtroom \ the mafia (4) is destroying the environment, making money from concrete production and pollution \ co-opting and corrupting wind and solar power.

[Lure]- This goes out to every life cut short by armed hands \ This goes out to those who denounce the extortion and to those who boycott mafia-controlled services \ This goes out to every victim gone missing and no longer with us \ This goes out to every man who sacrifices all to fight the Mafia.
[G.O.Man]- Hardships.. fed up with this kind of life \ Some eat bread while others are live on crumbs. \ The lives of the rich are incomparable to those of the poor \  The rich is sleep on a feather beds while the poor find themselves imprisoned in a trunk
[Nio]- The ballad of the immunity (5) in the square \ the gang (6) in Rome enlarges its shade to the "padania" (7) \ andrangheTAV (8) \ the water (9) \ the slot machines (10) \ legal gambling \ EquItalia  (11) = usury (12) \ omerta (13) (conspiracy of silence) is like a noose
[Ref]. (x2)
It's God's kick
Giving us strength
in the farewell
one hundred steps (14) separate you and I
It's God's kick (x2)
[G.O.Man]- An young alcoholic, living in disgust \ Businessmen discuss the stock markets and the price of Gas. \ Life's become a football game, like a consultative council \ The poor are treated like bones thrown to rabid dogs.
[Lure]- This goes out to those who fight every day in every way \ This goes out to those who struggle against the system, screaming with their own words \ This goes out to those who free themselves and get rid of their voice \ Staying silent will never bring about change.
[Nio]- Seeds of hope from a land that's been confiscated \ never give up as Peppino Impastato (15) \ middle finger to those who never spoke out or who signed the State's pact (16)
[G.O.Man]- Young people with college degrees stay unemployed \ only bribes get you recognized by the government \ feeling like a stranger either here or there \ as long as you are an immigrant, you will always be considered inferior.
[Ref]. (x2)
[Lure]- This goes out to all the families who resist the pain \ This goes out to the void that can not be explained \ This goes out to every convoy that risks its own life \ to each volunteer who invests his time in Libera (17)
[Nio]- They've said that "the Mafia does not exist" (18) and that "we have to live with that" (19) or other bullshit like that \ but all this bloodshed demands Truth & Justice and creates movements like the Gruppo Abele (Abel Group) (20) and Libera!
[G.O.Man]- Social difference is the source of the people's agony \ people stabbing you from behind as you walk the wrong way \ the citizens of this country have been buried alive \ out of ten only one can make it while the rest are destryed
[Lure]- This goes out to those who put down their weapons and quit the game \ This goes out to any man in the mafia has repented \ This goes out to those who their hundred steps everyday \ This goes out to those working for the freedom of our entire nation.

(1) Don Ciotti:
(2) octopus, in Italian "piovra":
(8) NdranghetaTAV =  Ndrangheta + T.A.V.
(18) as said by Marcello Dell'Utri, right wing politician and Silvio Berlusoni's friend:
(19) as said by Pietro Lunardi, right wing politician and minister for Infrastructure and Transportation from 2001 to 2006 of Silvio Berlusoni's governament.