PRESS RELEASE - Dj Nio's "Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano" Mixtape

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
Dj Nio's "Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano" Mixtape
('NioSiddharta's Travels #6 Cuba')

Dj Nio, Producer/MC/DJ for Italian hip hop crew Zero Plastica, and Music Director for Nomadic Wax, just released a new mixtape, "Agua!". Nio compiled this mixtape after a trip to Cuba, and used the underground rap music that he discovered while there. This is the sixth installment of his travel series “NioSiddharta’s Travels".

"Agua!" features top tracks from groups like Mala Bizta, Anonimo Consejo, La Fina, Espiritu Libre (Lou Piensa of Nomadic Massive and El Tipo Este of Obsesiòn), Mano Armada, Los Aldeanos and many others.

"Agua!" is hosted by Rino (a.k.a. SismaMan) trailblazing MC from the world-renowned group Groove Yard Sound System, and Amilcar Delgado, Cuban singer, percussionist and dancer who is currently located in Italy.

Nio has also collaborated with feminist rap group Krudas Cubensi, for which he produced three tracks off the duo's last record "Levantate!", one of which featured the famous singer Danay Suarez, often considered the Cuban Jill Scott.

Check out the promotional video, shot by Nio and his partner-in-rhyme Funky Lure, other half of Zero Plastica. The beat off this banger was produced by Nio, along with Sergio Limuti and Simone Regosa (Afro-Cuban percussionists), Toni La Corte (piano) and Steffen Dix & Heiko Giering (a.k.a. High-Co), horn section from the German group Volxtanz.

The mixtape is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, and can be found on Zero Plastica's website,

Dj Nio. Producer, Mc and Dj from Genova (Italy), Hip-Hop Activist, Nomadic Wax's Artistic Director [SEE BELOW], founder of Zero Plastica [SEE BELOW], Graphic Designer, traveler, mixtapes dealer, author of the first Hip-Hop workshop in his own city, international projects supporter, he has been taking part of a radio show on KEXP New York 91.5 FM and to some of the most important Festival in the U.S.

Zero Plastica. MTV Iggy described them as "the Italian Public Enemy" and wrote "Long before Occupy Wall Street, Zero Plastica gave voice to the plight of the 99%". They opened for Shaggy, George Clinton f. Funkadelic & Parliament, Balkan Beat Box and many other internationally known artists. They're actually working on their third album -"Global Revolution"- with a lot of hip-hop heads from all around the globe.

Nomadic Wax. Is a U.S. based social enterprise that produces music, film and educational events aimed at creating cross-cultural exchange and increasing awareness of global issues. Nomadic Wax links diverse communities and encourages social and cultural dialogues through art. Founded in 2001 as a fair trade record label and production company of African hip-hop and urban music, Nomadic Wax has grown into an internationally recognized brand firmly rooted at the intersection of urban media and social change.

MiEmma Productions. Independent media company founded by Dj Nio and Afro-Cuban singer/percussionist Sergio Limuti, provides music, video and graphic design.

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
Los Viajes de NioSiddharta #6 Cuba
"Agua!" - Underground Rap Cubano - mezclado por Dj Nio

1. Elegua / Intro - Los Chinitos de la Korea
2. La Fina / Union Perfecta - Mujer AfroCubana
3. Justicia - A Machetazo Paso
4. Junior Clan - La Voz De La Experiencia
5. Hermanos de Causa - Lagrimas negras
6. Radio Cuba (skit)
7. Anonimo Consejo - Cojimar
8. Espiritu Libre (El Tipo Este & Lou Piensa) - Agua! - (unreleased track)
9. 100% Original - Hip Hop y Pensamiento
10. Mikki Maiki Flow / Explosion Suprema - Ahora
11. Mano Armada - Un día cualquiera
12. Varios - Tradiciòn
13. Mala Bizta - La Tumba...
14. Rebeld`Malcoms -  Con las manos pal` cielo
15. OndaliVre - Te peinas o te haces papelillos
16. Krudas Cubensi - Te entrego
17. Sketch f. Intifada, Ea Flow & Pirulo (Puerto Rico) - Nadie nos tumba
18. Odaymara (skit)
19. La Invaxión f. Jhamyl - MusiK
20. Gabylonia (Venezuela), Charly Mucha Rima & El B - H1N1
21. Golpe Seko - Me keda voz
22. La Reyna - Reina
23. Danay Suarez - Yo aprendì
24. T.N.T. La Resistencia con Mc Yeyo - Amiga infiel
25. Funky Lure (Zero Plastica) - Once Again - (unreleased song)
26. Las Positivas - La calle esta revuelta
27. Olivia (skit)
28. El Aldeano f. Silvito - Quisiera  ser  niño
29. Papa Humbertico - Por los que no estan
30. Obsesiòn con Melito de Sin Semillas - Machete
31. Sentimiento Rapero - Querido Padre
32. Santiago "Angelito" Gonzales - Outro
All tracks selected, mixed and recorded by Dj Nio a.k.a. NioSiddharta @ Basement UnderGround Studio (Genova, Italy), 2013.
Special guests: Amilcar Delgado Borrero y Rino a.k.a. SismaMan (Groove Yard Sound).
Mastering: RobiGabri a.k.a. UmisticU.
Track n. 25 produced by Dj Nio, Sergio Limuti, Toni La Corte, Simone Regosa and Steffen Dix (soprano saxophone, flute) & Heiko Giering a.k.a. High-Co (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) from Volxtanz >>>
Photos by: Veronica Onofri >>>
Cover design by: MiEmma Productions >>>
Thanks to all the artists that joined this project. This mixtape is for promotional use only.
Respeto por Cuba.