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A digital album of ground-breaking revolutionary and political music featuring songs written and produced by a line-up of artists from 33 countries, including Egypt, Syria and Somalia, will be available as a free download from Monday 14 October 2013.

33RPM - Voices of the Revolution presents contributions from the internationally-renowned Sudanese recording artist, activist and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal, Syrian-American MC Omar Offendum, enchanting Chilean folk-rock star Camila Moreno, pioneering Egyptian rapper Zap Tharwat, Italian Hip-Hop group Zero Plastica and leading British performance poet Dean Atta amongst others.

The collection of songs chronicles oppression, uprisings, land rights issues, political and social abuses and acts of revolution, such as the anti-militant track ‘No to Al-Shabab’ by Somali hip hop collective Waayaha Cusub, a dedication to children in conflict zones around the world by India’s alt-rock band Imphal Talkies in ‘Lullaby’, and the Arab Spring anthem ‘Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free)’ by Tunisian singer-songwriter and “Fairuz of her generation” Emel Mathlouthi.

Drawn directly from the experiences of established and emerging artists representing over 33 countries across 5 continents, the album offers a striking snapshot of places of conflict, war, oppression, resistance and revolution shared through diverse styles and genres of music including Afrofuturismo, soulful New Zealand reggae, Electro Caribe, Malian hip hop and Iranian electronica.

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution was officially launched by Emmanuel Jal at Imperial War Museum North (Manchester, UK) on Sunday 13 October 2013, as part of the Manchester Weekender and IWM’s Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War exhibition.

“It's amazing to be part of this project that brings thirty three artists together from different parts of our world, from thirty three different countries to combine strong voices and bring them together to echo and amplify, and to shine a spotlight on dark places so evil can perform less.”
– Emmanuel Jal

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution is a collaborative project between four independent international grassroots music organizations; Un-Convention (UK), Nomadic Wax (USA), Fora Do Eixo (Brasil) and Tiuna El Fuerte (Venezuela).

The project is also supported by the In Place of War research centre at the University of Manchester (UK).

“Un-Convention and In Place of War are organisations dedicated to telling the stories of artists from sites of conflict, revolution and communities at conflict across the globe. We are delighted to have brought together such an incredible selection of revolutionary voices spanning the globe through the 33RPM release. The music is groundbreaking, politicised and socially conscious. We hope that this release will amplify the voices of the artists.”

– Ruth Daniel, Un-Convention

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution is available as a free digital download via  HYPERLINK "https://33rpmvoices.bandcamp.com/album/33rpm-voices-of-the-revolution"Bandcamp from Monday 14 October 2013.


Notes to Editors

Interviews with selected artists and partners, hi-res images and further information are available on request

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33RPM – Voices of the Revolution tracklisting
1. Omar Offendum - #Syria (Syria / USA)
2. Amkoullel – Vote! (Mali)
3. Octopizzo– Toboa (feat. AntoNeosoul) (Kenya)
4. Waayaha Cusub – No to Al-Shabab (Somalia / Kenya)
5. Keur Gui – No Slacktivism (Senegal)
6. Emmanuel Jal – We Want Peace (Sudan)
7. Outernational – Fighting Song (USA)
8. Dixebra – La Danza (Asturias / Spain)
9. Kabul Dreams – Good Morning Freedom (Afghanistan)
10. Emel Mathlouthi – Kelmti Horra (Tunisia)
11. Ahmed Shedid – Injustice is Country (Egypt)
12. Shadia Mansour – 'Al Kufiyyeh 3arabeyyeh' (feat. M1) (Palestine / UK)
13. Native Sun – Suffer No More (Mozambique / UK)
14. Cultura y Libertad – Tierra Mágica (Colombia)
15. Jun Tzu – The Bridge (Northern Ireland / UK)
16. Mentenguerra – Pasión y Fuego (feat. Noglobal) (Spain)
17. NRG Rising – From Darkness to Light (New Zealand)
18. Imphal Talkies – Lullaby (India)
19. Nile – President (Revolution Songs) (Sudan / UAE)
20. 3 Meters Away – Open Your Eyes (Yemen)
21. Elemotho – A Dose of Reality (feat. John Trudell) (Namibia)
22. Outspoken & The Essence – The Slave Master's Whip (Zimbabwe)
23. Yao Bobby – (R)evolution (feat. Fredy Massamba) (Togo / France)
24. Zero Plastica – Ge8 (Italy)
25. Bituaya – Suenan Las Sirenas (Venezuela)
26. Camila Moreno – Yo Enterré Mis Muertos En Tierra (Chile)
27. Roberto Rossell – Salud Para Luchar, Revolutión Para Triunfar (ft. Eskuadrón Patriota) (Cuba)
28. Bocafloja – Segundos (Mexico)
29. Zap Tharwat – Ehlam (feat. Mostafa Negm) (Egypt / Jordan)
30. Burney MC – Walk to Work (Uganda)
31. Alesh – Reveil / The Awakening (DRC)
32. The Casualty Process – War of the Others (Iran)
33. Dean Atta – Revolution (UK)

Un-Convention is a not for profit global grassroots independent music network that organises events across five continents and in cities from Swansea to Sao Paulo. Un-Convention annually involves 1,500 artists and bands, 16,400 participants, 36,000 gig goers and 140,000 people online. Of those attending Un-Convention, 40% of people are from disadvantaged backgrounds. It happens in some of the most amazing spaces including The Roundhouse UK and Auditorio Ibirapuera Brasil, and as part of some incredible festivals like Primavera Sound in Spain, Goiânia Noise Festival, Brasil and MICA, Argentina.

Nomadic Wax is a U.S. based social enterprise that produces music, film and educational events aimed at creating cross-cultural exchange and increasing awareness of global issues. Nomadic Wax links diverse communities and encourages social and cultural dialogues through art. Founded in 2001 as a fair trade record label and production company of African hip-hop and urban music, Nomadic Wax has grown into an internationally recognized brand firmly rooted at the intersection of urban media and social change.

Fora Do Eixo is a network of creative - http://foradoeixo.org.br

Tiuna el Fuerte is a community collective that uses art, music and culture to transform the barrio of El Valle in Caracas, Venezuela. The organisation hosts a hip-hop school, a youth orchestra, a mobile community radio, and serves as an example for an alternative space for the community. The space managed by the Tiuna El Fuerte is a "nucleus of endogenous cultural development," exemplifying the concept of local development of the people, for the people, by the people that finds its roots in modern day Venezuela.

In Place of War (IPOW) is a project based within the University of Manchester that researches creativity in sites of armed conflict and has, over the past 7 years developed extensive international networks of artists and creatives making theatre, street art, music, spoken word and more in response to war.

Zero Plastica - "La pedata di Dio" - LYRICS

title: La pedata di Dio ("God's kick") 
authors: Zero Plastica
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings 
year: 2012
lyrics by: Nio, Lure, G.O.Man 
beat by: Italo
 arrangement by: Nio & Marsialis
 mixed and mastered by: RobiGabri
studio: Basement UnderGround
length: 4',05"
country: Italy-Tunisia
ENGLISH translation [thanks to Imen Ben Achour and Magee McIlvaine
and meanings (below):

[Don Ciotti (1) ]- We're here to pray to the Almighty because we need some help, a nice kick, God's kick, to shake us and push us forward...

[Nio]- It's like an octopus (2), strangling Italy, from the South to North (3) \ From the streets \ to the  courtroom \ the mafia (4) is destroying the environment, making money from concrete production and pollution \ co-opting and corrupting wind and solar power.

[Lure]- This goes out to every life cut short by armed hands \ This goes out to those who denounce the extortion and to those who boycott mafia-controlled services \ This goes out to every victim gone missing and no longer with us \ This goes out to every man who sacrifices all to fight the Mafia.
[G.O.Man]- Hardships.. fed up with this kind of life \ Some eat bread while others are live on crumbs. \ The lives of the rich are incomparable to those of the poor \  The rich is sleep on a feather beds while the poor find themselves imprisoned in a trunk
[Nio]- The ballad of the immunity (5) in the square \ the gang (6) in Rome enlarges its shade to the "padania" (7) \ andrangheTAV (8) \ the water (9) \ the slot machines (10) \ legal gambling \ EquItalia  (11) = usury (12) \ omerta (13) (conspiracy of silence) is like a noose
[Ref]. (x2)
It's God's kick
Giving us strength
in the farewell
one hundred steps (14) separate you and I
It's God's kick (x2)
[G.O.Man]- An young alcoholic, living in disgust \ Businessmen discuss the stock markets and the price of Gas. \ Life's become a football game, like a consultative council \ The poor are treated like bones thrown to rabid dogs.
[Lure]- This goes out to those who fight every day in every way \ This goes out to those who struggle against the system, screaming with their own words \ This goes out to those who free themselves and get rid of their voice \ Staying silent will never bring about change.
[Nio]- Seeds of hope from a land that's been confiscated \ never give up as Peppino Impastato (15) \ middle finger to those who never spoke out or who signed the State's pact (16)
[G.O.Man]- Young people with college degrees stay unemployed \ only bribes get you recognized by the government \ feeling like a stranger either here or there \ as long as you are an immigrant, you will always be considered inferior.
[Ref]. (x2)
[Lure]- This goes out to all the families who resist the pain \ This goes out to the void that can not be explained \ This goes out to every convoy that risks its own life \ to each volunteer who invests his time in Libera (17)
[Nio]- They've said that "the Mafia does not exist" (18) and that "we have to live with that" (19) or other bullshit like that \ but all this bloodshed demands Truth & Justice and creates movements like the Gruppo Abele (Abel Group) (20) and Libera!
[G.O.Man]- Social difference is the source of the people's agony \ people stabbing you from behind as you walk the wrong way \ the citizens of this country have been buried alive \ out of ten only one can make it while the rest are destryed
[Lure]- This goes out to those who put down their weapons and quit the game \ This goes out to any man in the mafia has repented \ This goes out to those who their hundred steps everyday \ This goes out to those working for the freedom of our entire nation.

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