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A digital album of ground-breaking revolutionary and political music featuring songs written and produced by a line-up of artists from 33 countries, including Egypt, Syria and Somalia, will be available as a free download from Monday 14 October 2013.

33RPM - Voices of the Revolution presents contributions from the internationally-renowned Sudanese recording artist, activist and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal, Syrian-American MC Omar Offendum, enchanting Chilean folk-rock star Camila Moreno, pioneering Egyptian rapper Zap Tharwat, Italian Hip-Hop group Zero Plastica and leading British performance poet Dean Atta amongst others.

The collection of songs chronicles oppression, uprisings, land rights issues, political and social abuses and acts of revolution, such as the anti-militant track ‘No to Al-Shabab’ by Somali hip hop collective Waayaha Cusub, a dedication to children in conflict zones around the world by India’s alt-rock band Imphal Talkies in ‘Lullaby’, and the Arab Spring anthem ‘Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free)’ by Tunisian singer-songwriter and “Fairuz of her generation” Emel Mathlouthi.

Drawn directly from the experiences of established and emerging artists representing over 33 countries across 5 continents, the album offers a striking snapshot of places of conflict, war, oppression, resistance and revolution shared through diverse styles and genres of music including Afrofuturismo, soulful New Zealand reggae, Electro Caribe, Malian hip hop and Iranian electronica.

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution was officially launched by Emmanuel Jal at Imperial War Museum North (Manchester, UK) on Sunday 13 October 2013, as part of the Manchester Weekender and IWM’s Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War exhibition.

“It's amazing to be part of this project that brings thirty three artists together from different parts of our world, from thirty three different countries to combine strong voices and bring them together to echo and amplify, and to shine a spotlight on dark places so evil can perform less.”
– Emmanuel Jal

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution is a collaborative project between four independent international grassroots music organizations; Un-Convention (UK), Nomadic Wax (USA), Fora Do Eixo (Brasil) and Tiuna El Fuerte (Venezuela).

The project is also supported by the In Place of War research centre at the University of Manchester (UK).

“Un-Convention and In Place of War are organisations dedicated to telling the stories of artists from sites of conflict, revolution and communities at conflict across the globe. We are delighted to have brought together such an incredible selection of revolutionary voices spanning the globe through the 33RPM release. The music is groundbreaking, politicised and socially conscious. We hope that this release will amplify the voices of the artists.”

– Ruth Daniel, Un-Convention

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution is available as a free digital download via  HYPERLINK "https://33rpmvoices.bandcamp.com/album/33rpm-voices-of-the-revolution"Bandcamp from Monday 14 October 2013.


Notes to Editors

Interviews with selected artists and partners, hi-res images and further information are available on request

Media enquiries
Lyle Bignon  HYPERLINK "mailto:lyle.bignon@btinternet.com"lyle.bignon@btinternet.com / +44 (0)7718 864 442

33RPM – Voices of the Revolution tracklisting
1. Omar Offendum - #Syria (Syria / USA)
2. Amkoullel – Vote! (Mali)
3. Octopizzo– Toboa (feat. AntoNeosoul) (Kenya)
4. Waayaha Cusub – No to Al-Shabab (Somalia / Kenya)
5. Keur Gui – No Slacktivism (Senegal)
6. Emmanuel Jal – We Want Peace (Sudan)
7. Outernational – Fighting Song (USA)
8. Dixebra – La Danza (Asturias / Spain)
9. Kabul Dreams – Good Morning Freedom (Afghanistan)
10. Emel Mathlouthi – Kelmti Horra (Tunisia)
11. Ahmed Shedid – Injustice is Country (Egypt)
12. Shadia Mansour – 'Al Kufiyyeh 3arabeyyeh' (feat. M1) (Palestine / UK)
13. Native Sun – Suffer No More (Mozambique / UK)
14. Cultura y Libertad – Tierra Mágica (Colombia)
15. Jun Tzu – The Bridge (Northern Ireland / UK)
16. Mentenguerra – Pasión y Fuego (feat. Noglobal) (Spain)
17. NRG Rising – From Darkness to Light (New Zealand)
18. Imphal Talkies – Lullaby (India)
19. Nile – President (Revolution Songs) (Sudan / UAE)
20. 3 Meters Away – Open Your Eyes (Yemen)
21. Elemotho – A Dose of Reality (feat. John Trudell) (Namibia)
22. Outspoken & The Essence – The Slave Master's Whip (Zimbabwe)
23. Yao Bobby – (R)evolution (feat. Fredy Massamba) (Togo / France)
24. Zero Plastica – Ge8 (Italy)
25. Bituaya – Suenan Las Sirenas (Venezuela)
26. Camila Moreno – Yo Enterré Mis Muertos En Tierra (Chile)
27. Roberto Rossell – Salud Para Luchar, Revolutión Para Triunfar (ft. Eskuadrón Patriota) (Cuba)
28. Bocafloja – Segundos (Mexico)
29. Zap Tharwat – Ehlam (feat. Mostafa Negm) (Egypt / Jordan)
30. Burney MC – Walk to Work (Uganda)
31. Alesh – Reveil / The Awakening (DRC)
32. The Casualty Process – War of the Others (Iran)
33. Dean Atta – Revolution (UK)

Un-Convention is a not for profit global grassroots independent music network that organises events across five continents and in cities from Swansea to Sao Paulo. Un-Convention annually involves 1,500 artists and bands, 16,400 participants, 36,000 gig goers and 140,000 people online. Of those attending Un-Convention, 40% of people are from disadvantaged backgrounds. It happens in some of the most amazing spaces including The Roundhouse UK and Auditorio Ibirapuera Brasil, and as part of some incredible festivals like Primavera Sound in Spain, Goiânia Noise Festival, Brasil and MICA, Argentina.

Nomadic Wax is a U.S. based social enterprise that produces music, film and educational events aimed at creating cross-cultural exchange and increasing awareness of global issues. Nomadic Wax links diverse communities and encourages social and cultural dialogues through art. Founded in 2001 as a fair trade record label and production company of African hip-hop and urban music, Nomadic Wax has grown into an internationally recognized brand firmly rooted at the intersection of urban media and social change.

Fora Do Eixo is a network of creative - http://foradoeixo.org.br

Tiuna el Fuerte is a community collective that uses art, music and culture to transform the barrio of El Valle in Caracas, Venezuela. The organisation hosts a hip-hop school, a youth orchestra, a mobile community radio, and serves as an example for an alternative space for the community. The space managed by the Tiuna El Fuerte is a "nucleus of endogenous cultural development," exemplifying the concept of local development of the people, for the people, by the people that finds its roots in modern day Venezuela.

In Place of War (IPOW) is a project based within the University of Manchester that researches creativity in sites of armed conflict and has, over the past 7 years developed extensive international networks of artists and creatives making theatre, street art, music, spoken word and more in response to war.

Zero Plastica's "CuBASS Tour" - Cuba, August 2013

Slide made with Instagram photos shot by: Dj Nio, Lure, Cora, etc.

Music from "Agua!", mixed by Dj Nio (2012): Anónimo Consejo, Espiritu Libre (El Tipo Este & Lou Piensa), 100% Original, Mikki Maiki Flow y Explosion Suprema, Mano Armada, ... --- FREE DOWNLOAD: www.zero-plastica.com --- LISTEN HERE: http://www.mixcloud.com/nio_zeroplastica/dj-nios-agua-underground-rap-cubano-mixtape/

Listen & Buy "CuBASS" on BandCamp:

"Internationally Known Vol.3" - Mixtape - PRESS RELEASE

The third in the acclaimed mixtape series, Internationally Known vol. 3 picks up where it left off in 2012, continuing to explore the global horizons of hip hop music. The 38-track mixtape offers some of the world’s top shelf hip hop artists including X Plastaz (Tanzania), Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Bocafloja (Mexico), Akala (UK), Wageble (Senegal), Omar Offendum (Syria/USA) and Zero Plastica (Italy). In all, more than 40 artists from over 30 countries are represented in Internationally Known vol. 3.

Originally conceived by pioneering emcee Dumi RIGHT of Zimbabwe Legit, Nomadic Wax's Dj Magee, and Italy's Dj Nio, the mixtape series has become home to many of the world's most interesting young artists. On Vol. 3, Washington DC’s DJ Plain View is behind the turntables, giving us the freshest mix of global sounds while Dumi Right once again hosts.


1. Dumi RIGHT ‘Ready for Takeoff’ Intro, produced by Saint (Zimbabwe/USA)
2. The Cornel West Theory - DC Love Story (USA)
3. Zero Plastica - Anima Ribelle [Cenzi REMIX] (Italy/Chile): www.zero-plastica.com
4. X Plastaz - Picha Halisi (Tanzania)
5. Outspoken the Alpha Intellect - World Experiment (Zimbabwe)
6. JMNI - The Mothership (Togo/Ghana/USA/Canada)
7. Linkris - Tools of Life (South Africa): www.reverbnation.com/linkris
8. Tribu Sul - Viagem Ekletika (Angola): www.reverbnation.com/tribosul
9. P-Jay - Fo Leta (Haiti)
10. Bocafloja ft. Moyenei - Fuga (Mexico)
11. Trajik - Anyen (Haiti)
12. Kokayi - Citkan (USA)
13. Monza - Em. O. En. Za (Mauritania/France)
14. A (Rekix) f. Metric Man & Regal Raymond & Son Of Kick - Revolution (UK/Trinidad-Tobago)
15. Ousmane Zaré - Enfant Noir (Burkina Faso)
16. Waraba & DJ Plain View: Get Nice (Mauritania/USA)
17. Dumi RIGHT, Ziggy Lah of X Plastaz - Lovin' It (Zimbabwe/USA/Tanzania)
18. Akala - Yours and my Children (UK)
19. Plainviewstrumentalude No. 1: DJ Plain View
20. Chosan f. El Gambina & Eli Efi - O.N.E. [One Nation Merging] (Sierra Leone/UK/USA/South Korea/Brazil)
21. Subatomic Sound System, Nomadic Wax, Jahdan Blakkamoore: Real Authentic Vibes (USA)
22. Books of Sen Kumpe - Dou Gnoune Ak Yene (Senegal)
23. Minino Dija, Shokanti & Chachi - SOHNO (Cape Verde/USA)
24. CJ Lincoln & Devil K - Arte Dispreszado (Cape Verde)
25. Infinite - Blood, Flesh, & Tears (USA)
26. Dela Ceiba ft. Atiyya & Eli Efi - Mensagem Em Melodia (Honduras/USA/Brazil)
27. Plainviewstrumentalude No. 2: DJ Plain View
28. Dundgol - Huh Tenger Medne (Mongolia)
29. Wageble - Hipolitic (Senegal)
30. The ReMINDers ft. Rebel Diaz - Things Ain’t The Same (USA/Congo)
31. Plainviewstrumentalude No. 3: DJ Plain View
32. Mustaf - TAF (Senegal)
33. Kae Sun - Weh Weh (Canada/Ghana): www.kaesunmusic.com
34. YaoBobby - Wawoe (Togo)
35. Ya - Un Rebelle Qui Rappe (Cameroon)
36. Femi the Dri Fish - White Noise (Nigeria/UK/USA)
37. Omar Offendum - #Syria (Syria/USA)
38. Dumi Right Outro produced by DJ Plain View
released 27 February 2013
Mix: DJ Plain View
Host: Dumi Right
Presenters: Dumi Right, Dj Nio, Dj Magee
Producer: Nomadic Wax
Graphic Design/Artwork: Fifty Fifty (Dakar)
Partners: World Hip Hop Market

PRESS RELEASE - Dj Nio's "Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano" Mixtape

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
Dj Nio's "Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano" Mixtape
('NioSiddharta's Travels #6 Cuba')

Dj Nio, Producer/MC/DJ for Italian hip hop crew Zero Plastica, and Music Director for Nomadic Wax, just released a new mixtape, "Agua!". Nio compiled this mixtape after a trip to Cuba, and used the underground rap music that he discovered while there. This is the sixth installment of his travel series “NioSiddharta’s Travels".

"Agua!" features top tracks from groups like Mala Bizta, Anonimo Consejo, La Fina, Espiritu Libre (Lou Piensa of Nomadic Massive and El Tipo Este of Obsesiòn), Mano Armada, Los Aldeanos and many others.

"Agua!" is hosted by Rino (a.k.a. SismaMan) trailblazing MC from the world-renowned group Groove Yard Sound System, and Amilcar Delgado, Cuban singer, percussionist and dancer who is currently located in Italy.

Nio has also collaborated with feminist rap group Krudas Cubensi, for which he produced three tracks off the duo's last record "Levantate!", one of which featured the famous singer Danay Suarez, often considered the Cuban Jill Scott.

Check out the promotional video, shot by Nio and his partner-in-rhyme Funky Lure, other half of Zero Plastica. The beat off this banger was produced by Nio, along with Sergio Limuti and Simone Regosa (Afro-Cuban percussionists), Toni La Corte (piano) and Steffen Dix & Heiko Giering (a.k.a. High-Co), horn section from the German group Volxtanz.

The mixtape is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, and can be found on Zero Plastica's website, www.zero-plastica.com

Dj Nio. Producer, Mc and Dj from Genova (Italy), Hip-Hop Activist, Nomadic Wax's Artistic Director [SEE BELOW], founder of Zero Plastica [SEE BELOW], Graphic Designer, traveler, mixtapes dealer, author of the first Hip-Hop workshop in his own city, international projects supporter, he has been taking part of a radio show on KEXP New York 91.5 FM and to some of the most important Festival in the U.S.

Zero Plastica. MTV Iggy described them as "the Italian Public Enemy" and wrote "Long before Occupy Wall Street, Zero Plastica gave voice to the plight of the 99%". They opened for Shaggy, George Clinton f. Funkadelic & Parliament, Balkan Beat Box and many other internationally known artists. They're actually working on their third album -"Global Revolution"- with a lot of hip-hop heads from all around the globe.

Nomadic Wax. Is a U.S. based social enterprise that produces music, film and educational events aimed at creating cross-cultural exchange and increasing awareness of global issues. Nomadic Wax links diverse communities and encourages social and cultural dialogues through art. Founded in 2001 as a fair trade record label and production company of African hip-hop and urban music, Nomadic Wax has grown into an internationally recognized brand firmly rooted at the intersection of urban media and social change.

MiEmma Productions. Independent media company founded by Dj Nio and Afro-Cuban singer/percussionist Sergio Limuti, provides music, video and graphic design.

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
Los Viajes de NioSiddharta #6 Cuba
"Agua!" - Underground Rap Cubano - mezclado por Dj Nio

1. Elegua / Intro - Los Chinitos de la Korea
2. La Fina / Union Perfecta - Mujer AfroCubana
3. Justicia - A Machetazo Paso
4. Junior Clan - La Voz De La Experiencia
5. Hermanos de Causa - Lagrimas negras
6. Radio Cuba (skit)
7. Anonimo Consejo - Cojimar
8. Espiritu Libre (El Tipo Este & Lou Piensa) - Agua! - (unreleased track)
9. 100% Original - Hip Hop y Pensamiento
10. Mikki Maiki Flow / Explosion Suprema - Ahora
11. Mano Armada - Un día cualquiera
12. Varios - Tradiciòn
13. Mala Bizta - La Tumba...
14. Rebeld`Malcoms -  Con las manos pal` cielo
15. OndaliVre - Te peinas o te haces papelillos
16. Krudas Cubensi - Te entrego
17. Sketch f. Intifada, Ea Flow & Pirulo (Puerto Rico) - Nadie nos tumba
18. Odaymara (skit)
19. La Invaxión f. Jhamyl - MusiK
20. Gabylonia (Venezuela), Charly Mucha Rima & El B - H1N1
21. Golpe Seko - Me keda voz
22. La Reyna - Reina
23. Danay Suarez - Yo aprendì
24. T.N.T. La Resistencia con Mc Yeyo - Amiga infiel
25. Funky Lure (Zero Plastica) - Once Again - (unreleased song)
26. Las Positivas - La calle esta revuelta
27. Olivia (skit)
28. El Aldeano f. Silvito - Quisiera  ser  niño
29. Papa Humbertico - Por los que no estan
30. Obsesiòn con Melito de Sin Semillas - Machete
31. Sentimiento Rapero - Querido Padre
32. Santiago "Angelito" Gonzales - Outro
All tracks selected, mixed and recorded by Dj Nio a.k.a. NioSiddharta @ Basement UnderGround Studio (Genova, Italy), 2013.
Special guests: Amilcar Delgado Borrero y Rino a.k.a. SismaMan (Groove Yard Sound).
Mastering: RobiGabri a.k.a. UmisticU.
Track n. 25 produced by Dj Nio, Sergio Limuti, Toni La Corte, Simone Regosa and Steffen Dix (soprano saxophone, flute) & Heiko Giering a.k.a. High-Co (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) from Volxtanz >>> www.volxtanz.com
Photos by: Veronica Onofri >>> www.veronicaonofri.com
Cover design by: MiEmma Productions >>> erk20.com
Thanks to all the artists that joined this project. This mixtape is for promotional use only.
FREE DOWNLOAD @ www.zero-plastica.com
Respeto por Cuba.

"Agua!" - Underground Rap Cubano mezclado por Dj Nio: TRACKLIST & CREDITS

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
Los Viajes de NioSiddharta #6 Cuba
"Agua!" - Underground Rap Cubano - mezclado por Dj Nio

1. Elegua / Intro - Los Chinitos de la Korea
2. La Fina / Union Perfecta - Mujer AfroCubana
3. Justicia - A Machetazo Paso
4. Junior Clan - La Voz De La Experiencia
5. Hermanos de Causa - Lagrimas negras
6. Radio Cuba (skit)
7. Anonimo Consejo - Cojimar
8. Espiritu Libre (El Tipo Este & Lou Piensa) - Agua! (inedito)
9. 100% Original - Hip Hop y Pensamiento
10. Mikki Maiki Flow / Explosion Suprema - Ahora
11. Mano Armada - Un día cualquiera
12. Varios - Tradiciòn
13. Mala Bizta - La Tumba...
14. Rebeld`Malcoms -  Con las manos pal` cielo
15. OndaliVre - Te peinas o te haces papelillos
16. Krudas Cubensi - Te entrego
17. Sketch f. Intifada, Ea Flow & Pirulo (Puerto Rico) - Nadie nos tumba
18. Odaymara (skit)
19. La Invaxión f. Jhamyl - MusiK
20. Gabylonia (Venezuela), Charly Mucha Rima & El B - H1N1
21. Golpe Seko - Me keda voz
22. La Reyna - Reina
23. Danay Suarez - Yo aprendì
24. T.N.T. La Resistencia con Mc Yeyo - Amiga infiel
25. Funky Lure (Zero Plastica) - Once Again (inedito)
26. Las Positivas - La calle esta revuelta
27. Olivia (skit)
28. El Aldeano f. Silvito - Quisiera  ser  niño
29. Papa Humbertico - Por los que no estan
30. Obsesiòn con Melito de Sin Semillas - Machete
31. Sentimiento Rapero - Querido Padre
32. Santiago "Angelito" Gonzales - Outro
Todos los tracks fueron seleccionados, mezclados y grabados por Dj Nio a.k.a. NioSiddharta @ Basement UnderGround Studio (Genova, Italia), 2013.
Special guests: Amilcar Delgado Borrero y Rino a.k.a. SismaMan (Groove Yard Sound).
Mastering: RobiGabri a.k.a. UmisticU.
Track n. 25 producida da Dj Nio, Sergio Limuti, Toni La Corte, Simone Regosa and Steffen Dix (soprano saxophone, flute) & Heiko Giering a.k.a. High-Co (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) >>> www.volxtanz.com
Proyecto grafico: MiEmma Productions >>> erk20.com
Muchas gracias a todos los artistas que han contribuido a nuestra labor. Este mixtape es para uso promocional solamente.
FREE-DOWNLOAD @ www.zero-plastica.com
Respeto por Cuba.

Nuova Mixtape di Dj Nio: "Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano"

Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica & MiEmma Productions
presentano la mixtape:
"Agua! - Underground Rap Cubano"
('I Viaggi di NioSiddharta #6 Cuba')
prodotta da Dj Nio
Sesto capitolo de "I Viaggi di NioSiddharta", la serie delle mixtapes create da Dj Nio,  che da anni è impegnato nella ricerca del suono Underground Globale. Questa volta è il turno di Cuba, dove la Cultura Hip-Hop è un'arma contro il reggaeton dilagante e sessista, e dove il successo commerciale di canzoni come "A lo cubano" degli Orishas è soltanto un ricordo lontano.

Ancora una volta, le ricerche di Nio si concentrano sul Rap "di nicchia" e vanno a scattare foto di una realtà lontana da quella dei villaggi vacanza per ricchi turisti occidentali. E' questo approccio che ha portato il Dj genovese a collaborare anche con le Krudas Cubensi -duo dell'Avana Vieja che ha fatto dell'impegno femminista la propria bandiera-, per cui Nio ha prodotto tre beats per il loro ultimo disco ("Levantate!", 2012), e con la cantante Danay Suarez, considerata la "Jill Scott cubana".

La mixtape "Agua!" raccoglie il meglio Boom-Bap della Isla Verde, dove la protesta de Los Aldeanos e dei Mano Armada incontra le radici Afro-Cubane de La Fina e delle Uniòn Perfecta, gli esperimenti sonori degli Espiritu Libre e degli Obsesiòn si amalgamano con lo spirito rivoluzionario degli Anonimo Consejo e la rabbia de La Reyna e dei Mala Bizta. La tracklist è lunga e comprende anche realtà lontane dalla capitale come Santiago De Cuba, Pinar del Rio e Guantànamo.

Un doppio filo conduttore lega assieme i pezzi mixati dalle mani del nostro Dj viaggiatore: sono i due special guests al microfno, Rino a.k.a. SismaMan, già Mc dei Pessimi Elementi e ora parte di Groove Yard Sound System, e Amilcar Delgado, cantante, percussionista e ballerino cubano ormai adottato da Genova.

Su YouTube gira già da qualche giorno il video promozionale girato da Nio insieme a Funky Lure (l'altra metà del gruppo di cui fa parte, Zero Plastica), denso di ironia e Havana Club. Il beat è prodotto dallo stesso Nio con le percussioni di Sergio Limuti e Simone Regosa, il piano di Toni La Corte e Steffen Dix & Heiko Giering a.k.a. High-Co, sezione fiati degli sperimentatori tedeschi Volxtanz.

Il mastering della mixtape è stato fatto nel Basement UnderGround Studio di Genova dal grandissimo RobiGarbi, all'anagrafe Roberto Gabrielli, già collaboratore di SensaSciou e Cool Reggae Band. La grafica della cover di "Agua!" è stata curata dallo stesso Nio e da Sergio Limuti, musicista e cantante Afro-Cubano che ha fatto parte di gruppi italiani storici come Voci Atroci e Olubatà.

Come sempre, la mixtape è in FREE-DOWNLOAD dal sito net-label di Zero Plastica, www.zero-plastica.com

Dj Nio. Mc e Producer genovese, Attivista Hip-Hop, Direttore Artistico della Nomadic Wax [LEGGI SOTTO], fondatore degli Zero Plastica [LEGGI SOTTO], Graphic Designer, viaggiatore, autore di decine di mixtapes e del primo Laboratorio Hip-Hop nella sua città natale, collaboratore di svariati progetti internazionali, ha condotto un programma su Radio New York 91.5 FM e ha preso parte ad alcuni dei Festival più importanti degli Stati Uniti. [LEGGI la BIOgrafia completa].

Zero Plastica. MTV Iggy li ha definiti "i Public Enemy italiani" e ha scritto che rappresentavano il Movimento Occupy ancor prima che questo nascesse. Rolling Stone li ha paragonati a Manu Chao per l'importanza dei messaggi e delle melodie nelle loro canzoni. MTV News ha prodotto un documentario su di loro... [LEGGI la BIOgrafia completa].

Nomadic Wax. Indie label e Media Company con base a Brooklyn, New York (U.S.A.). Specializzata nella produzione di documentari in cui la Cultura Hip-Hop è il mezzo di comunicazione per i giovani di tutto il pianeta, ha istituito workshops in scuole degli Stati Uniti, Africa, Haiti e ha prodotto molteplici progetti internazionali. [LEGGI la BIOgrafia completa].

MiEmma Productions.
Nata nel 2013 dalla collaborazione tra Dj Nio e Sergio Limuti, si occupa di produzioni musicali, grafica e video.

Sergio Limuti, cantante e percussionista afro-cubano.

Sergio Limuti
Cantante e percussionista, tra i fondatori del gruppo OLUBATA’, studiosi del folklore afrocubano e fra i pochissimi interpreti europei del genere, partecipa al Festival Internazionale Jazz Plaza’91-Havana; collabora con la facoltà di Etnologia dell’Università di Genova, ideatore e curatore artistico del progetto “JICAMO” in collaborazione con il M° Irian Lopez Rodriguez, corredato da una mostra ed una conferenza sulla Santeria; dal ’95 al ’99 componente dell’originalissimo coro a cappella LE VOCI ATROCI, con i quali vince nel ’97 il Premio Quartetto Cetra; lavora a più riprese con il Teatro della Tosse (I Persiani alla Fiumara, Pantagruele e Panurgo, Benedetto Zaccaria, ammiraglio e mercante. Storia e storie ; 
compone le musiche della pièce teatrale “Il pazzo e la monaca” di S. I. Witkiewicz.

Sensasciou, Casa de los Reyes, Orchestra Bailam, Conjunto Manguè, La Mezcla, Cool Reggae Band, Claudio Lugo, Andrea Ceccon, Giorgio Faletti, Irian Lopez Rodriguez, Marco Fadda, Maurizio Ravalico, Davide Giovannini, Mauro Sabbione, Rumbachina, Grupo Tangon, Rahzel, A Filetta, Elio e le Storie Tese, Huun-Huur-Tu, Peppe Barra, Maurizio Crozza, Ugo Dighero, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Vocal Sampling, Il Generale, Martino Roberts, Ellade Bandini, XterX, Mau Mau, Mina.

Jazz Plaza’91-Havana, Arezzo Wave’95 -’97, BAM’95 -’97-Barcellona, Beach Boom Festival’95, Stimmen’96-Lorrach, Premio Quartetto Cetra’97, Rencontre Poliphonique’97 -’99 - Calvi, Superfino Festival’95, Kulturarena’96-Jena, Salone della Musica’97-Torino
Sanremo Giovani’98, CATTIVI si nasce ’03.


In scio bleu
Generazione con la X

Bass Paradis
Viva Mama Nera

Saluti da Saturno 

In Duo

Tra u marcu e l’anchizze

Bandaneo & Friends 

La buccia del buio

Opposite people




Zero Plastica - "La pedata di Dio" - LYRICS

title: La pedata di Dio ("God's kick") 
authors: Zero Plastica
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings 
year: 2012
lyrics by: Nio, Lure, G.O.Man 
beat by: Italo
 arrangement by: Nio & Marsialis
 mixed and mastered by: RobiGabri
studio: Basement UnderGround
length: 4',05"
country: Italy-Tunisia
ENGLISH translation [thanks to Imen Ben Achour and Magee McIlvaine
and meanings (below):

[Don Ciotti (1) ]- We're here to pray to the Almighty because we need some help, a nice kick, God's kick, to shake us and push us forward...

[Nio]- It's like an octopus (2), strangling Italy, from the South to North (3) \ From the streets \ to the  courtroom \ the mafia (4) is destroying the environment, making money from concrete production and pollution \ co-opting and corrupting wind and solar power.

[Lure]- This goes out to every life cut short by armed hands \ This goes out to those who denounce the extortion and to those who boycott mafia-controlled services \ This goes out to every victim gone missing and no longer with us \ This goes out to every man who sacrifices all to fight the Mafia.
[G.O.Man]- Hardships.. fed up with this kind of life \ Some eat bread while others are live on crumbs. \ The lives of the rich are incomparable to those of the poor \  The rich is sleep on a feather beds while the poor find themselves imprisoned in a trunk
[Nio]- The ballad of the immunity (5) in the square \ the gang (6) in Rome enlarges its shade to the "padania" (7) \ andrangheTAV (8) \ the water (9) \ the slot machines (10) \ legal gambling \ EquItalia  (11) = usury (12) \ omerta (13) (conspiracy of silence) is like a noose
[Ref]. (x2)
It's God's kick
Giving us strength
in the farewell
one hundred steps (14) separate you and I
It's God's kick (x2)
[G.O.Man]- An young alcoholic, living in disgust \ Businessmen discuss the stock markets and the price of Gas. \ Life's become a football game, like a consultative council \ The poor are treated like bones thrown to rabid dogs.
[Lure]- This goes out to those who fight every day in every way \ This goes out to those who struggle against the system, screaming with their own words \ This goes out to those who free themselves and get rid of their voice \ Staying silent will never bring about change.
[Nio]- Seeds of hope from a land that's been confiscated \ never give up as Peppino Impastato (15) \ middle finger to those who never spoke out or who signed the State's pact (16)
[G.O.Man]- Young people with college degrees stay unemployed \ only bribes get you recognized by the government \ feeling like a stranger either here or there \ as long as you are an immigrant, you will always be considered inferior.
[Ref]. (x2)
[Lure]- This goes out to all the families who resist the pain \ This goes out to the void that can not be explained \ This goes out to every convoy that risks its own life \ to each volunteer who invests his time in Libera (17)
[Nio]- They've said that "the Mafia does not exist" (18) and that "we have to live with that" (19) or other bullshit like that \ but all this bloodshed demands Truth & Justice and creates movements like the Gruppo Abele (Abel Group) (20) and Libera!
[G.O.Man]- Social difference is the source of the people's agony \ people stabbing you from behind as you walk the wrong way \ the citizens of this country have been buried alive \ out of ten only one can make it while the rest are destryed
[Lure]- This goes out to those who put down their weapons and quit the game \ This goes out to any man in the mafia has repented \ This goes out to those who their hundred steps everyday \ This goes out to those working for the freedom of our entire nation.

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(19) as said by Pietro Lunardi, right wing politician and minister for Infrastructure and Transportation from 2001 to 2006 of Silvio Berlusoni's governament.
(20) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luigi_Ciotti

"La pedata di Dio" - Zero Plastica per Libera - TESTO originale

titolo: La pedata di Dio
autori: Zero Plastica
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings
anno: 2012
testo di: Nio, Lure, G.O.Man
base di: Italo
arrangiamenti di: Nio & Marsialis
mix e mastering di: RobiGabri
studio: Basement UnderGround
durata: 4',05"
paese: Italia-Tunisia
lingua: italiano, arabo, francese

[Don Ciotti]- Siamo qui per chiedere davanti a Dio che ci dia una mano, una bella pedata di Dio, per scuoterci e andare oltre...

[Nio]- Una piovra che s'arrampica dal sud al nord Italia dalla strada alle Camere all'aula di tribunale \ ecomafie e affari di rumenta e cemento \ e hanno pure il business del sole e del vento
[Lure]- Questa è per ogni vita spezzata da mano armata \ questa è per chi denuncia il pizzo e chi non lo paga \ questa è per ogni vittima di cui non si ha più traccia questa è per ogni uomo che lotta contro la mafia
[G.O.Man]- 9asawet... men el wadhe3 fed \ enti takel el 5obza w la5er 3ayech 3al el foutet \ mafamech comparaison bin le riche et le pauvre \ le riche ra9ed 3al rish wel pauvre ma7sour fel coffre
(Difficoltà \ la situazione mi soffoca \ mentre qualcuno mangia il pane, qualcun altro trova solo le briciole \ non c'è paragone tra ricchi e poveri \ mentre il ricco dorme su un letto di piume, il povero sta in attesa nell'antro dell'inferno)
[Nio]- La ballata dell'immunità in piazza \ la banda a Roma allarga l'ombra alla "padania" \ andrangheTAV \ l'acqua \ le slot, l'azzardo di Stato \ EquItalia usura \ omertà come un cappio

[Rit]. (x2)
E' la pedata di Dio \
quella che da forza nell'ora dell'addio \
cento passi ti separano dal mio \
è la pedata di Dio (x2)

[G.O.Man]- Des jeunes dégoutaient tochrob fel alcool \ des businessmen ya7kiw 3al bourse wel petrol \ denya kif el koura ki el majles choura \ zawali kil 3adhma bin el kleb tel7em feha el ghoura
(Mentre una gioventù vive persa nell'alcool, disgustata \ gli uomini d'affari parlano di borsa e petrolio \ la vita è diventata una partita di calcio \ Governi corrotti \ gli ultimi sono un osso gettato a cani rabbiosi)
[Lure]- Questa è per chi si oppone ogni giorno in ogni sua azione \ questa è per chi si oppone e lo grida con le parole \ questa è per chi si libera e libera la sua voce \ non è stando in silenzio che si cambiano le cose
[Nio]- Semi di speranza da un terreno confiscato \ un capo mai abbassato come Peppino Impastato \ dito bello in alto a chi non ha mai parlato e a chi dello Stato ha siglato quel patto
[G.O.Man]- Chabeb diplômé tadhreb fel btala \ 7oukouma ma t existi feha ken mata3ti el j3ala \ fi bled el gawri houni wala ghadi \ madem immigré to93ed dima el tali
(Giovani laureati rimangono disoccupati \ solo pagando tangenti il tuo governo realizza la tua presenza \ rimani uno staniero sia a casa tua che all'estero \ sinchè sei un immigrato, rimarrai sempre considerato inferiore)

[Rit]. (x2)

[Lure]- Questa è per le famiglie che resistono al dolore \ questa è per ogni vuoto che non trova spiegazione \ questa è per ogni scorta che mette in gioco la vita \ per ogni volontario che investe il suo tempo in Libera
[Nio]- T'hanno detto che "la mafia non esiste" e che "ci devi convivere" o altre cazzate di tenore simile \ ma il sangue versato chiede Verità e Giustizia e crea un movimento come il Gruppo Abele e Libera!
[G.O.Man]- La difference 5alet el ness fi souffrance \ nes tal3eb wrak wenti mechi fi autre sens \ cha3eb met w tedfen bel 7yaaa \ men 10 y3ich wa7ed wel be9i yetenfaa
(Le differenze sono la causa dell'agonia del popolo \ gente che ti accoltella alle spalle mentre stai andando nella giusta direzione \ i cittadini di questa nazione vengono sepolti vivi \ solo uno su dieci può farcela)
[Lure]- Questa è per chi depone le armi e rinuncia al giro \ questa è per ogni uomo di mafia che si è pentito \ questa per chi ogni giorno cammina i suoi cento passi \ questa è per chi si impegna per la libertà degli altri

[Rit]. (x2)

Internationally Known Vol. 2 - La colonna sonora del Movimento Hip-Hop Globale

COMUNICATO STAMPA Internationally Known Vol. 2 - La colonna sonora del Movimento Hip-Hop Globale


Brooklyn, NY (U.S.A.) – 23 Marzo 2012. 
Dopo il grande successo del primo mixtape, la Nomadic Wax -etichetta americana specializzata in Cultura Hip-Hop Globale-, presenta il secondo capitolo della serie "Internationally Known", la saga più importante nel panorama dell'underground rap mondiale. Questo mix contiene 38 tracce di artisti emergenti di 30 diverse nazioni tra i quali Modenine (Nigeria), Alesh (Congo), Las Krudas (Cuba), Art Melody (Burkina Faso), Vox Sambou (Haiti), Emile YX (Sud Africa) e Diamond Dog (Angola), solo per citarne alcuni. A rappresentare l'Italia, gli Zero Plastica con l'omonima "Internationally Known" insieme al leggendario beat-boxer EnterPraux ed il cantante Sergio Limuti (entrambi già membri delle Voci Atroci insieme ad Andrea Ceccon che negli anni '90 collaborarono con artisti del calibro di Mina e Rahzel); la canzone è tratta da "Basta!", l'ultimo disco della crew ligure ed il video è stato girato tra Genova e New York dalle film-makers Ancioe Produzioni e l'americano Magee McIlvaine.
Nata da un'idea di Dumi RIGHT dei Zimbabwe Legit -i primi rappers africani della storia a firmare con una label americana- e Dj Magee e Dj Nio della Nomadic Wax, questa serie di mixtapes è diventata casa di alcuni dei più interessanti artisti del mondo. In questo secondo Volume, Dumi RIGHT è il Maestro di Cerimonia principale, mentre il turntablist filippino-americano Dj Boo porta l'ascoltatore in giro per il mondo con le sue ruote d'acciaio, facendo luce su nuovi fenomeni e stili musicali.
"Internationally Known Vol.2" si conclude con il potentissimo posse-cut “Super MC”, che vede gli mc's Omar Offendum (Siria/U.S.A.), Lou Piensa (Cuba/Francia/Canada), Ceschi (Messico/U.S.A.), Jarabe Del Sol (Porto Rico/U.S.A.), M.O.A. (Ghana/Togo), Outspoken (Zimbabwe) e Hadjii B (Senegal/U.S.A.) alternarsi su un beat di Dj Nio (Zero Plastica), rappando in due o tre lingue per spiegare al meglio la frase di Chuck D dei Public Enemy: "The SUPER MC is the one that can spit in more than two languages... American rappers can't compete with that!", ovvero i rappers americani non possono competere con quelli che rappano in due o più lingue e che, quindi, possono raggiungere un pubblico molto più vasto. Il concept della canzone è nato proprio quando Mista Chuck invitò la Nomadic Wax a partecipare al suo programma in radio a New York.

La mixtape "Internationally Known Vol.2" è in FREE DOWNLOAD al link:

Internationally Known Vol. 2 - TRACKLIST:
Emile YX? (South Africa) 
Hired Gun, Zajazza, Rabbi D (U.S.A./France)
Faso Kombat(Burkina Faso)
RahZemos & PSL (Lebanon/Canada/Holland) 
Kimba Mutanda (Malawi)
Indarrap feat. Boneman (Euskadi) 
Fid Q & Lyod Iez (Tanzania) 
The Manhattenites (U.S.A.) 
Alesh (D.R.C.) 
DARG Team (Palestine) 
Art Melody (Burkina Faso) 
Linkris (South Africa) 
Sagol 59 (Israel) 
Poetes Fyziks (Gabon/Burkina Faso) 
D-Mars feat. Kaixo Sama, Elecesar, Sagaz, Payo Malo, UD´n´Delay (Portugal/Holland) 
Sa Roc (U.S.A.) 
Bells (Nigeria/U.S.A.)
Philosofist ft. Med Ziani (Morocco/Spain)
Slam ft. Smarty (Burkina Faso) 
Vox Sambou (Haiti) 
Dumi RIGHT (Zimbabwe/U.S.A.) 
M.O.A. f. Rafiya (Ghana & Congo)
Modenine (Nigeria/U.K.) 
Prem Rock & Willie Green (U.S.A.) 
Chachi f. 4RT Kapa & Shokanti (Cape Verde/U.S.A.) 
Kensho Kuma f. Akua Naru (Japan/U.S.A.)
Las Krudas (Cuba) 
Amkoullel (Mali) 
Gabriel Teodros & Bocafloja (U.S.A./Mexico)
 Fredy Massamba (Congo) 
Diamond Dog & Infuze (Angola/U.S.A.) 
Native Sun (Mozambique/U.K.) 
Zero Plastica (Italy) 
Cenzi (Chile) Nomadic Wax f. Omar Offendum, Ceschi, Jarabe Del Sol, Outspoken, Lou Piensa, El Hajji B, M.O.A., Dj Nio & Dj Boo – “Super MC” Dumi RIGHT – “Outro”

Angolan Regime beats Hip-Hop Activist Dj Cavera and his crew

i'm posting here the email of my friend Dj Cavera, Mc and Producer of the Angolan Hip-Hop crew Tribo Sul, who's been seriously beaten by the REGIME yesterday. please SHARE THIS LINK and let the world know what's going on in Angola!

"Hey guys i am seating writing this email, but yesterday i nearly died, from the brutality of the Angolan regime, me and some friends we where seating at a friends place who is also part of the all social movement that as been organizing protests down here, since we had planned and protest for today which should b taking place in two provinces then we decided to seat down and put some strategies, we where about 5 guys we where surprised by about 12 guys with metal palls and and they where just beating us up, like no body is business, they where dressed up in black wearing dark glasses and caps, the beating lasted about 5 minutes until i told my self i heard enough and with the power that came from i don't know where managed to run trough them and the metal palls, managed to escape with one other guy, as we got out side the house there where about 4 in the head and 4 out side the main gate to prevent people from getting in or out of the house but me and other dude managed to escape, and they also run out of to cars with out plate numbers.

As a result of that agression i got broken head, swollen harms and leg, my shoulder is painful, the other guys called Santero got 2 cuts in the head 1 took 12 stiches, and the other one took about 8 stichs, the guy Called Nelito who is and old man on his 50´s got a cut in the head, and Carbono who is the owner of the place and Sampaio the other dudes that where in the house got minor injuries. Prior to that one other guys who is also part of the organization been kidnapped and Brutally beaten up that on Wednesday is name is Mario Domingos.

Today we decided to care out the protest and as people gathered at the concentration spot the beating started i couldnt go cause of my painfull shoulder, and head from yesterdays beat down, and i got the report that there as been alot of beating some of the injured are Luaty Beirao, Tukayano, Mario, Adolfo, Luamba and many others including 2 politicians from oposition part called BD (Democratic Block), being them Filomeno Vieira Lopes, and Nelson Pestana `` Bonavena ´´, where also beaten up the first one got cuts in the head and a broken fingers and harm, they where also beaten up by these group of marginals that are working with the police and government to beat up protesters.

Attached are some pictures and i named the pictures with the insident there is a colage of photos of some of the guys that being beating protestors."

Nuovo Video di Zero Plastica per gli operai di Fincantieri

L'ultimo lavoro della crew ligure celebra le lotte nel cantiere di Sestri Ponente: il video presentato a Genova poco prima che 19 operai venissero assolti in un processo che andava avanti da anni.

Rap e diritto al lavoro: è questa la combinazione che ha portato gli Zero Plastica -gruppo internazionale attivo da oltre dieci anni- a mettere su un beat le voci degli operai e dei sindacalisti che da diverso tempo lottano per poter continuare il proprio lavoro nello storico cantiere di Sestri Ponente. Il brano si intitola "L'acqua della mola" è scaricabile dal sito www.zero-plastica.com

Il video, nato da un'idea di Enzo Gaj, è stato prodotto da Fabio Mantero e Alessandro Torrisi, gli operai di Fincantieri che hanno documentato i giorni di protesta in cui la città di Genova è stata bloccata con scioperi e manifestazioni, dove la stessa cittadianza della Superba ha dato il suo supporto alla causa. Il beat è stato prodotto a quattro mani da Nio e Marsialis, poliedrico artista della Old School genovese, mentre il mixaggio e mastering è stato curato da Roberto Gabrielli del Basement UnderGround Studio.

Il video è stato presentato questa mattina a Palazzo Ducale alla presenza di una delegazione di Fincantieri e della Fiom, poco prima che qualche metro più in là, a Palazzo di Giustizia, giungesse a termine il processo che vedeva diciannove operai accusati di danneggiamento: sentenza che ha visto assolti tutti per non aver commesso il fatto e per non doversi a procedere per errore di notifica.

Si può vedere il video su youtube e scaricare il brano dal sito di Zero Plastica.

>>> ecco alcuni servizi andati in onda su Tg3, Primocanale e Il Secolo XIX TV <<<

Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese - "Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani" [ENGLISH TRANSLATION and MEANINGS]

(read notes below)

[Nio]- My Italian brothers \ Italy is waking up \ fly your flags from your windows \ from Milan to Caserta (1), keep your heads up \ it's a new spring, with the scent of the Resistance (2) \ the wind blows with a red agenda (3) \ no more bowing down to the mafia and camorra (4) \ a shield protects us \ the blood of our grandparents paid for this land and for our freedom \ every harbor is another Quarto (5), start from there in the search for a new direction for our country \ Saviano's (6) Italy struggles in the Name of Truth \ Aviano, Susa Valley, Aquila, Lampedusa, Acerra (7) \ Italy Fellini and Monicelli's (8) land and Emergency's (9) too \ Italy is a land of missing brothers, spread throughout the world \ the many electrons to every atom \ to complete the DNA of our people!

[Lure]- Italy is more united than you might think \ unified resistance from Naples to Bolzano (10), biting the bullet \ when times are bad, we head to the mountains and fight for Freedom \ Italians, divided by the bad words of clowns on television \ whether politicians, the vatican, or even the homophobes of the northern league (11) will be able to keep our faces in the mud \ citizens of an Italy that is alive and is waiting for the sun to break the darkness of night \ dreaming about a job that will lead to a better days \ Italians who, when times are tough, roll up their sleeves and believe in good values \ Italians who travel \ proudly bringing our nation's flag around the world \ not even fear tactics of the mafia, or hate or censorship will be able to keep our faces in the trash!

(1) - Milan and Caserta: two very famous Italian cities, the 1st up in the North, the 2nd one in the South, near Naples.
(2) - Resistance: The Italian resistance is the umbrella term for the various partisan forces formed by pro-Allied Italians during World War II. The 1947 democratic Constitution of the Italian Republic declared itself to be "built on the Resistance".
(3) - red agenda: red was the color of Paolo Borsellino's agenda that was stolen after he's been killed by the mafia in 1992. He was one of the most important magistrates killed by the Sicilian mafia during the 1980s and 1990s, and he is remembered as one of the main symbols of the battle of the State against the mafia. That agenda contained many names of politicians linked to mafia.
(4) - camorra: is a mafia-type criminal organization, or secret society, originating in the region of Campania and its capital Naples in Italy. The camorra phenomena have been world wide famous after Roberto Saviano's "Gomorra" has been published in 2006.
(5) - Quarto (dei Mille): it's a very small beach near Genova (Genoa) where Giuseppe Garibaldi set out from with over a thousand volunteers to begin the campaign to unify Italy in 1860.
(6) - Roberto Saviano: is an Italian writer and journalist that has been working actively against Naples' local mafia and have been living with permanent police escort since then.
(7) - Aviano: is a NATO Air Base under U.S. Air Force administration in northeastern Italy, one of the largest bases in Europe, containing also more than 80 nuclear bombs according to U.S. governament. Italian civilians living near the base founded the No dal Molin movement to struggle against the enlargement of the military area.
Susa Valley: where NO TAV movement was born to struggle against the construction of the new railraod between Italy and France.
L'Aquila: a city in central Italy that has been almost totally distroyed by a terrible earthquake in 2009.
Lampedusa: is a southern island near Sicily that has become a primary European entry point for immigrants from Africa.
Acerra: a small city near Naples that with Nola, and Marigliano had been identified as the three points of the so-called "Triangle of Death" in which illegal waste management by criminal organizations ("ecomafia") have resulted in environmental conditions endangering the health of the region's people.
(8) - Federico Fellini: was a very famous Italian film director and scriptwriter, he is considered one of the most influential and widely revered filmmakers of the 20th century.
Monicelli: was an Italian director and screenwriter and one of the masters of the Commedia all'Italiana (Comedy Italian style), three times nominated for Oscar.
(9) - Emergency: is a humanitarian NGO that provides emergency medical treatment to civilian victims of war, especially in relation to landmines. It was founded by war surgeon Gino Strada in 1994 in Milan (Italy).
(10) - Naples: is a city in Southern Italy where camorra was born.
Bolzano: is a city in Northern Italy near Austria.
(11) - northern league (Lega Nord): xenophobic right-wing populist party.

special thanks to Magee McIlvaine and to http://en.wikipedia.org and http://it.wikipedia.org
Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese
"Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani"
translation: "The new Italian (RAP) Anthem"

from an idea of: Enrico Testino & Carlo Besana
produced by: Consorzio Pianacci
title: Il Nuovo Canto (RAP) degli Italiani
authors: Zero Plastica & La Filarmonica Sestrese
siae authors: Federico Rosa, Lorenzo Pezzati, Matteo Bazzano
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings, Creative Commons
year: 2011
lyrics by: Nio, Lure
music by: Matteo Bazzano
played by: La Filarmonica Sestrese (The Philarmonic Orchestra of Sestri)
recorded and mixed by: Nicola Sannino
length: 3',16"
country: Italy
film-maker & editor: Simona Marziani